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Controlling Background Colors

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Posted: 21 Nov 2002

We recently published this question in the Q&A, and a couple of good ideas have come from some readers.

Question: Philip E. wrote: As a school admin I use background colour to quickly identify the type of login on a machine. For example, Admin users have a royal blue, staff a wheat colour and students a different colour. However I have noticed that when a station is being viewed via ZEN the background colour changes to a dark green! This has the effect that students are immediately alerted to the fact they are being monitored. As part of monitoring is to catch students who are in breach of school policy how can I prevent this colour change while students are being monitored?

John Bednarz

I also observed this change to the background color when I took Remote Control of a user's workstation. To eliminate this, I did a Remote View on a second workstation in my office. Once the Remote View was running, I clicked on the upper left corner of the screen to activate the drop-down menu. I then scrolled down to the Configure option and opened that menu. Within that menu is a option to Suppress Wallpaper. Uncheck this box and click Save on Exit. This should eliminate the tell-tale background color change.

Kasper Ibsen

Simply change the student's background colour to the Windows default colour "dark green". When monitoring rude students the dark green background colour still applies.

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