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PreventRun and MSN Messenger 5

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By Elroy Verboom

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Posted: 25 Nov 2002

We posted an OPEN CALL recently, and got this solution from a cool guy in the Netherlands.


The PreventRun option in this article worked perfectly with Messenger 4.x, but it doesn't seem to work with MSN Messenger 5. Does anybody know of a method similar to this?

Create a DWORD value called DisableMSI in


and distribute this with a ZEN app object.

Set the following values:

  • If this value exists and is set to "2", the installer is always disabled for all applications.
  • If this value is set to "1", the installer is disabled for nonmanaged applications but is still enabled for managed applications.

If this value is set to "0", any other number, or is absent, the installer is always enabled.

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