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How to Automatically Uninstall Client32 for ZFD4 Agent

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Posted: 2 Dec 2002

We are in the process of upgrading from ZfD 3.2 to ZfD 4.0 and we are moving to a clientless environment. We have 700 W2K workstations that we needed to uninstall the client32 and install the ZfD4 Agent on. I used the following TID 10070072 to do this, and thought you'd like to know it worked great for me:

How to run a batch file to uninstall client 4.8x on Windows 2000

Usually we suggest removing the client through the services list on networking components but it is also possible to remove the client using the SETUPW2K.EXE that comes with the 4.8x clients.

Example batch file to remove IPX and Workstation manager and NDPS and the 4.8X Client.

In a batch file I have the following lines.

SETUPW2K /u ms_nwspx 
SETUPW2K /u ms_nwnb 
SETUPW2K /u ms_nwipx  (uninstall IPX)
SETUPW2K /u nw_wm  (uninstall Workstation Manager)
SETUPW2K /u nw_ndps 
SETUPW2K /u nw_nwfs 

The setupw2k.exe is found in the client install directory i386\redir.
This removed the components and then the client itself last.

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