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Making an Object that First Delivers another Object

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Posted: 11 Dec 2002

Here's another idea for this Q&A topic:

Question: Robson X. wrote: Could I have an application object that will deliver another application object before delivering itself?

Example: We have a java application (NAL application) that requires a Java Run Time install first (NAL Application). Is there any way to check when the user runs the Java (NAL application) to see if the user has the Java Run Time (NAL application)? And if not, can we automatically run the Java Run Time (NAL application)?

Answer: You can do this easily with ZfD 4 chained applications - Java App requires JRE to be installed - and will automatically install if missing, not installed or damaged.

With ZfD3.2 you can sort of do the same thing with a series of force run applications - but it's a lot of work.

Move to ZfD4.


Brian Laird

Another approach is to place (after considering a company Standard of how you will continue) a registry entry on the desktop from within all your NAL objects. You can then, in the future, place a system requirement that the needed key or value from the other application exist on the desktop already.


The idea of using key values can work well if you wanted to use this approach for control of internal version checking, specific values placed in keys, or just about any information you think would help you in future packages!

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