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NAL Updating (automatically) as a Workstation Policy

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By Patrick Carnuccio

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Posted: 18 Dec 2002

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe I'm missing something here, but this "NAL Update Utility" seems like overkill! Here's how I update NAL files automatically without reboot.

I just use a Workstation Policy that has a custom action that runs at Scheduler startup. The action has three items:

"\\server\sys\public\winnt\nalntsrv install start"
"\\server\sys\public\nal /i"
"\\server\sys\public\nalexpld /i"

This seems to update all the NAL files on the workstation before the user logs in.

We also run "naldesk /noupdate" or "nalwin32 /noupdate" in our login scripts without any problems.

The idea for combining these came from a number of Novell TIDs.

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