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Client Conflicts during Upgrade

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By Doug Glenn

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Posted: 18 Dec 2002

We were undertaking the upgrade process from 3.0 to 3.2 and during this course of action, we had to upgrade the client from 4.81 to 4.83. We ran into a show stopper regarding NAL and found the solution to this issue.


Shortly after ZEN 4.0 was released, we found ourselves behind the support curve running 3.0. In order to be able to submit problems and expect a response, we had to upgrade to at least the revision behind 4.0, which was 3.2 in this case.

Upgrading ZEN versions involves updating the clients on the workstations. Initial testing with the client resulted in a number of problems. First, we were using NALEXPLD. We were invoking nalexpld from f:\public using a user policy. The issue with running this was we had another server with a set of patches on it that would not honor the /noupdate switch. This meant that the NAL files would be downgraded when an administrator logged in. To resolve this issue, we switched to invoking NALDESK directly instead.

We upgraded the clients in one area and then upgraded the server. Then we started getting messages about the NT Launcher service being the incorrect version. You could click OK on the problem and NALDESK would continue to load, but it would not install any programs.


After a lot of testing and hairpulling, we discovered that the 4.83Sp1 client contained NAL files, and although we were upgrading the NAL 3.2 files locally, when the client install ran, it was downgrading the nalntsrv files resulting in these errors.

Replacing the files in the NAL directory of the client with the ones from the server and then installing the client resolved the issue. Just replace the three files with the version from the server after the 3.2 upgrade. Even if your server is still 3.0, it will work so when you do upgrade the server the changeover is flawless.

I hope this helps!

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