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Enable ZENworks Logging on Desktop

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By Doug Glenn

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Posted: 18 Dec 2002

Heads Up: Don't miss this cool new free tool. It enables debugging options for NAL and ZEN. It's easy to use and does not require knowledge of editing the registry. Great tool for those who need to enable debugging logs for tech support who feel uneasy editing the registry. This tool simplifies the addition and removal of the required registry entries enabling the ZENWorks logging function on the local desktop.

It will add the entries the first time it is run, then remove them the second time since the logs only continue to grow. This should enable a customer to quickly generate the logs and then turn them back off after the need has passed, without requiring them to look it back up and manually delete them.


Must be run as Administrator equivalent.


Execute nalreg_test.exe. The program will display a dialog stating it is either enabling or disabling the Novell Debugging information only.

First execution will enable debugging registry entries:


Second execution will remove the following key and subkeys.



Run it once to enable the debugging logs to be created. After the required information is obtained, run the program again to disable debugging information.



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