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By Bryan Berns

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Posted: 23 Dec 2002

Back in the day when Windows 98 was the prominent desktop for corporate and educational facilities, the QuickRes powertool from Microsoft was a convenience for multi-user environments. It allowed for easy switching between resolutions from the easily-accessible system tray.

For those of you that have moved to the later and greater NT-based operating systems, QuickRes was a lost gift. However, one programmer, David McCabe has delighted us with a re-make of QuickRes that will run properly under Windows NT environments. Named 'QuickResNT', it provides the same functionality and interface as its 98 predecessor.

Since David has done us the favor of providing the source code for the program, I have added some functionality to better suit our needs here at the University of Wisconsin -- Madison. These include:

  • The removal of the ability from David's program to get into the Display Properties.
  • The ability to set the resolution to a value specified in the registry upon program initialization or exit. This was engineered under the impression the current user may not enjoy the same size desktop that the previous user had preferred.
  • Various bug fixes.

The link to my recompiled, updated binary can be found at this URL:

I also have provided a registry file containing an example group of settings that would cause the program to load the display defaults to a height of 768, a width of 1024, and color-quality of 32 bits-per-pixel, and a refresh of 75 Hz. The file is printed below and also available at the following URL:




Notice these values are in hexadecimal. For your settings, you could import them into the registry, change them, and re-export the file or you can use the Windows ?Calculator' program in scientific mode and convert your desired decimal settings to hexadecimal. (*smiles* - I do it in my head) The last two lines in the file cause Windows to load QuickResNT on startup (Assuming QuickResNT.EXE is located in C:\WINNT\SYSTEM). The advantage to this is that if a user sets the desktop to a certain resolution and the machine is hard-booted, when the next user accesses the machine, the program will restore the proper default settings.

The utility in theory should also run properly Windows-9X systems but I have not tested it. It can easily be distributed via a NAL object. Enjoy!

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