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How to put an Image on the Imaging Partition Automatically

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By Lukasz Lenart

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Posted: 12 Feb 2003

For some workstations we stored images on the local ZENworks Imaging Partition. Normally to do this you must go to the workstation, lanuch the ZEN CD, and manually take the image to the local partition. Not really a good idea for a large environment.

So, here is a solution. We used Scripted Imaging to take an image of a workstation and put it on the local ZEN partition.

  1. To do this, you must install a ZEN partition on the workstation with enough space for the image (~1GB).
  2. Create a new object in NDS - Workstation Image.
  3. Open it, and on the Image Files tab select Use scripted imaging and put command as below:

    img ml image_name.zmg x2 x3

    (getting image only of system partition)
  4. Assign this object to workstation (with installed ZEN partition).


  • You could change the name of the image and have another copy.
  • I tested this solution on the ZENworks for Desktop 3.2 with SP1 (and new boot-cd)
  • In the script you can use any available linux commands from Imaging partition

ZEN rules!

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