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Prevent Redistribution of Reg Keys after ZfD4 Upgrade

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By Shaun Pond, Tommy Mikkelsen

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Posted: 20 Feb 2003

From Tommy Mikkelsen comes this little freebie tool that prevents the redistribution of registry keys during an upgrade to ZfD4. The fix for this bug should be in ZfD4SP1. Use this in the meanwhile.

Background: See TID 10080171, about applications redistributing after upgrading to ZENworks for Desktops.

The impact on the user when this is happening is:

  • If it is an application that prompts the user during installation, the user will get prompted again.
  • If it is an application like MS Word, and the enduser has customized the settings, they might get reset to the default settings.

A fix for this should be in ZfD4SP1 - NAL will check both versions of the key before distributing. Until ZfD4SP1 is released, NalDot.exe can be used.


The user logged in must be an admin on the workstation, or the program. It must be run with system rights.

Edit the login script by adding the following line:

NalDot /Tree:<MyTree> /Version:<MyVersion>

What NalDot does

  1. Is ZfD4 Agent installed on the Workstation? If not then exit.
  2. If the Version Stamp is present and equals the commandline, then exit. (Like a run once.)
  3. Are there any NAL Apps installed on this workstation that came from the tree specified from command-line?" If not, then exit.
  4. Update Reg for all users underneath the specified tree in HKLM and then stamp the registry with the versionstamp and exit.

Download NalDot.exe from this Free Tools page.

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