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Track Down the Origin of a Specific Print Job

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By Rich Molettiere

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Posted: 20 Feb 2003

In a school of 2,000 with over 30 network-based printers and hundreds of print jobs daily, how do you quickly and easily allow a non-technical person to access the printer logs so they can track down an "improper" print job?

Using NDPS, you can set up printer logging as per the instructions in TID 10073718. This creates the log files, but without using a ZENworks app object, you have to know where the file is and then open it. While this works for many admins, it won't for those non-technical users who might need access to the log. My solution was to create a ZEN application object that runs notepad with the path to the printer log as the RUN OPTIONS parameter value.

For example, the printer log in the Art department was created as art.txt; the RUN OPTION parameter

would be \\server\vol\ndps\resdir\art.txt.

By associating the object to the appropriate user, the information is quickly and easily made available. No need to remember the server and volume or where the file is, let alone what it is called.

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