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Distributing Sub-Folders when Copying ConsoleOne

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By Marcus Westlund

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Posted: 12 Mar 2003

Recently we published this Q&A:

Question: Jody G. wrote: I am trying to create an application object that will copy \\servername\sys\public\mgmt\consoleone\*.* (including subfolders & files) to c:\novell\consoleone (including subfolders and files) if the server version is newer. Once this is done I want it to run ConsoleOne from the PC.

The problem I have is that Distribution Options for Application Files doesn't seem to copy/create the full folder structure using wild cards.

Is there a way I can do this?

Answer: Yes - use a distribution script in ZfD4.

Other Suggestion

Marcus Westlund of the Swedish Police had a better idea. Here's what he said:

I have a tip regarding Jody G's problem. I am using a VB-script and the file copy utility robocopy.exe to copy the ConsoleOne file structure from Z: (a Sys:public root mapping) to C:\Novell\ConsoleOne.

Use a application object to copy C1copy.cmd, ConsoleOne.vbs and robocopy.exe to C:\Novell\ConsoleOne, then execute the script from same application object.

' * Filename: ConsoleOne.vbs
' * Marcus Westlund, The Swedish Police, 2003-01-24
' *
' * This script will copy ConsoleOne files and directories 
from Z: to C: and then it 
' * will start ConsoleOne from the local drive.
' *
' * This file may be distributed with an application 
object to C:\Novell\ConsoleOne.
' * Let the application object then execute the script. 
If you have problem to start .vbs files from NAL
' * you can enter following in the application object: 
' *  	Path to file: 	%*WinSysDir%\cmd.exe
' * 	Parameters: 	/C C:\Novell\ConsoleOne\ConsoleOne.vbs
' *		Working Dir:	C:\Program\ConsoleOne
' *
' *
' * The copy process requires the file C1copy.cmd.
' *

	Option Explicit
	On Error Resume Next

	Dim objFile
	Dim objShell
	Dim sKopiera
	Dim oExec
	Dim objArgs
	Dim oExe
	Dim oExecTwo
'* create objects.
	Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
	Set objFile = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
	Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
	'* Ask if the files should be synchronized (with 
	sKopiera = objShell.Popup("Do you want to copy/synchronize 
	ConsoleOne to your local disk?",10,"Synchronize files...",4+32)
	Select Case sKopiera
		'If Case 6 (Yes): The files will be copied and then 
		ConsoleOne starts
		Case 6 
			Set oExec = objShell.Run("C:\Novell\
			ConsoleOne\C1copy.cmd", 1, True)
			Set oExecTwo = objShell.Run("C:\Novell\
			ConsoleOne\Bin\ConsoleOne.exe", 1, True)
			' If Case 7 (No): ConsoleOne starts whitout 
			any file copying
			Case 7 Set oExec = objShell.Run("C:\Novell\
			ConsoleOne\Bin\ConsoleOne.exe", 1, True)
			' If Case -1 (no answer): ConsoleOne starts 
			without any file copying
			Case -1 Set oExec = objShell.Run("C:\Novell\
			ConsoleOne\Bin\ConsoleOne.exe", 1, True)

		End Select
-------- EOF --------------

REM Filename: c1copy.cmd
REM Requires the copy utility robocopy.exe
REM Copies ConsoleOne files from Z:, which should be a 
root search mapping to sys:public

TITLE Copying files to C:\Novell\ConsoleOne...
ROBOCOPY Z:\mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2 
C:\Novell\ConsoleOne *.* /E /R:3 /W:30
-------- EOF ------------

If you have any questions you may contact Marcus at

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