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Install Client via ACU with no User Interaction

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By Christopher Thorpe

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Posted: 21 Mar 2003

Wondering how to install the latest Novell Client using the ACU and keep user involvement to a bare minimum? (PLUS keep users as Power Users in Windows 2000 so they will not need to be Administrators to install the Client.) Here's how I did it.

Using both the ACU TID and ZENworks I created two Application objects. Once I had the client configured with the ACU I created my first Application Object that would copy all the client files to the local workstation. (With ZENworks Logging I was able to tell when all the files were copied.)

I then created a second application object that uses the System Account and contains the path to the executable of the ACU.exe file that was copied in the first snAppShot. That will run and complete the install using all of the ACU.INI settings. It took about 5 minutes per workstation and no user interaction was involved.

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