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Synchronize Files Among NetWare Servers with Sync Center

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Posted: 4 Mar 2003

From the Hungarian Consulting team comes this nifty tool that's worth a look if you need to keep the files and directories on your servers synchronized with each other. It's not free, but could be just what you're looking for.

Sync Center is an easy-to-use piece of software that allows copying files, directories or even whole volumes among NetWare servers. Its operation is based on a schedule; it basically requires only a one-time setting and then it will automatically maintain the synchronized status: it copies the newly created or modified files and deletes the removed files on the target server. It consists of two main parts: the NLM application running on the server performs the actual synchronization and a user interface running on the workstation provides means for the easy configuration.


  • Copying and synchronizing files and subdirectories among NetWare servers
  • Copying and synchronizing files and subdirectories among the DOS and NetWare partitions of NetWare servers
  • Copying long file names
  • Copying file system attributes and IRM
  • Copying file system rights
  • Grouping capabilities, copying the same content to several servers
  • Scheduling by groups and by servers
  • Priority settings
  • Scheduling by groups and by servers
  • Filtering by subdirectories and applications
  • Notifying users about applications to be copied
  • Only modified files are transferred
  • Synchronization for any changes or copying only newer files
  • Deleting files/subdirectories on the target server that were erased from the source
  • Updating constantly open files
  • Stopping applications for the time of the copy
  • Bandwidth limitations
  • Logging
  • Easy-to-use user interface (Win32) to create the settings
  • NetWare 4.x, 5.x, 6.x compatible

Check out the eval copy at

Q&A About Sync Center

Q: Richard H. wrote: Is there a way to prevent users from creating new folders in an already created directory? Users must have rights to create files, but we must prevent them from creating new folders. We are going to use Sync Center from Hungary to synchronize our directory among our five NetWare 6 servers. The one problem that exists is that when a user makes new folders in a directory and replaces existing files to that new folder, the next server will see the modification which will copy the older files to the original folders as well. Data will be available twice: In the original folder as well as in the newly created folder. How can we prevent this?

A: I'm not sure that I understand your scenario but Sync Center synchronizes the file deletion. If they erase a file and the synchronization is scheduled it will delete the files on the target servers.

If you set bi-directional synchronization between five servers and delete the file from server A and the synchronization starts from server B, Sync Center finds the file as a new one and it will synchronize back from the server B. When the synchronization starts, Server B cannot decide why the file is missing on server A. If it is missing, it will copy the file back. So it depends on the Synchronization strategy and scheduling.

-- Kalman Kemenczy, Novell Professional Services Hungary

If you have other questions you may contact Novell Professional Services Hungary at

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