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Moving Favorites to Home Drive

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By Richard Van Praag

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Posted: 25 Apr 2003

My client didn't want favorites residing on the local workstation.

We all know how our users hate losing their favorites. Moving them to their Home drive (H:) seemed like a logical move.

The problem, however, was they already exist on the workstation and we didn't want to lose what they already had.

In this environment certain registry sections are unlocked for our users so the script can both copy their existing favorites and set the registry sections on login to ensure IE looks to their H: for them.

This command can be run from a login script: (or you could call the script from a NAL App)

 /c start /MIN \\\apps\Fixes\Favorite.bat

The '/C start /MIN' parameter allows the 'DOS box' to minimise while running so they are not tempted to close it prematurely.

The script presumes the user has rights to these registry sections. I decided to put the registry keys in the batch file for tidiness. One could also place them in a separate REG file or another application object.

It's not a good idea to run the copy part of the script as a system user as it will not have rights to the network drives.

If the registry is locked down, one could place the registry section only in a second application object set to run as a system user.


Here's the script.

I'm sure other ZEN Admins can improve on this idea so I would love feedback. Contact me at

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