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Create Unattended Install using ZEUS

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Posted: 2 May 2003

Heads up: here's an eval copy of a tool that can help you create an unattended installation of Internet Explorer v.X , Windows 2000 service pack v.X, and ZENworks 4 Agent for Windows 2000 with no Novell Client and without administrative rights on client computer.

Check out ZEUS-2000. There are four different scripts contained within ZEUS.

"ZEUS_IM" is an installation manager for unattended installation. It collects the necessary data from the client computer, selects which components to install and tracks the installation. The other 3 scripts maintain the silent installation of Internet Explorer(ZEUS_IEU), W2K Service Pack(ZEUS_SPU) and ZENworks Agent installation (ZEUS_ZA).

The logic used to achive this unattended ZENworks environment installation is simply pushing ZEUS scripts from Active Directory via Group Policy to clients. The trick used here is to put these scripts into machine startup where it will be executed with Local System User rights instead of User startup script in Group policies. This trick allows us to read target system environment and make necessary preparation in the target machine windows registry.

Before you push the scripts to clients, you should do the following:

  1. Select a domain administrator account for installaion and change the necessary lines in ZEUS.
  2. Create a network share "\\[yourserver]\ZENsource" (UNC) directory in your network accesible by clients and put IE update files (eg.Iesetup5.5.exe), Service Pack files (eg.w2ksp3.exe), ZENworks 4 agent MSI package. Change the necessary part in ZEUS.
  3. By default ZEUS will create a log file under "c:\". If you want to enable logging on the network, change the network path of the log file.
  4. Open a new OU in active directory, add ZEUS files to the machine startup in the group policy of the new organizational unit.
  5. Move the computers to which ZENworks Agent will be deployed under the new organizational unit. On the next boot ZEUS will do the installation.
  6. "Shutdown.exe" is not included in the files. It can be provided from or downloaded from third party.

A parametric version including 98 and NT4 workstations combined ZEUS will be available. Contact


Download an eval copy of from here.

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