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Posted: 9 May 2003

?GUI IT? is a suite of seven different graphical interfaces that leverage the ZEN Tool Kits. These interfaces will help you get the most out of the ZEN Tool Kits by automating numerous ZEN administrative tasks. The following is a quick rundown on each interface.

  • Deploy It - Deploy multiple application objects to multiple destination containers in one easy step (Even across different NDS trees!)
  • Synch It - Search out matching application objects across your NDS tree, and synchronize their GUID's
  • Migrate It - Copy all user associations from one application object to another in one easy step
  • Apps Equal To - Use any user object as a template to automatically associate its applications to any number of other users
  • Associate It - Perform mass application associations to users across different containers all in one shot. (You can even import a text file to build your destination user list)
  • Configure It - No more manually setting your Launcher Configuration settings. Replicate all the settings in one easy step
  • Search It - Scan your NDS tree for all matching application objects and generate a report of object associations in text and/or Excel output

Each interface logs itself every step of the way, providing you with a complete log of each action taken and its result. Also, each interface can be configured to deploy slowly. Giving you complete control of how fast you want to deploy, by determining how many seconds each tool will wait between NDS writes. Templates can also be created and saved for easy retrieval of frequently used destination and search lists.


"GUI IT" provides full support for, and contains the tool kits for, ZENworks versions 1, 2, 3x. Novell has not released a tool kit for ZEN 4. The tool kit for ZEN 3x can be used in a ZEN 4 tree with some limitations on the "Deploy It" utility.

It cannot be used for application objects built with the "Terminal Server Application" option because it will not duplicate all of the settings.

"Deploy It" also will not duplicate any settings for an "alternate script engine" in the launch and distribution script tabs.

However, since neither of those features are commonly used, "Deploy It" should fit perfectly in most ZEN 4 environments. All of the other interfaces in "GUI IT" work fine with no issues in a ZEN 4 environment. If and when a ZEN 4 Tool Kit is released, it can easily be snapped into the "GUI IT" interfaces.


Get an eval copy from here.

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