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Fixing Full NW4.11 Volume

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By Terry Cutler

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Posted: 21 Sep 2000

The question is "What do you do when your Netware 4.11 SYS volume fills up and won't mount anymore?".'s your coolsolution.

  1. You'll need 2 files:

    • Toolbox (tbox7.exe)
    • Netware 4.10 install.nlm (ins224.exe)

  2. Once you have these files, extract them to a floppy and walk over to the server.

  3. At the console, type:

      load a:toolbox

      If you get the error,

        toolbox cannot be loaded until CLIB.NLM is loaded
      then do this:
      • take your original NetWare installation CD and mount it as a volume
      • Then add a search path to the boot directory on the CD by typing
          search add nw411:${BS}products${BS}nw411${BS}_${BS}411${BS}boot
      • Then type load clib
      • re-load toolbox

  4. that toolbox is loaded, type

      load a:${BS}install

  5. Go into volume options and rename the volume to sysold.

      The reason we're using the 4.10 install is because in this version, you don't need to authenticate to NDS to be able to rename the volume. (Also the fact that sys isn't mounted and DS is not loaded.)

  6. Now mount sysold.

  7. After the volume mounts, you'll want to delete the backout.tts file with these steps:

    • Type chdir sysold:${BS}
    • Type dir to make sure the file is there
    • Delete the backout.tts file
    • You must also navigate through your volume and delete any unwanted files to free up enough space to mount back up again

  8. After you've done that

    • re-load a:${BS}install
    • re-name the volume back to sys.

Voila your sys volume is back up.

Terry Cutler (CNE 4&5, MCP, A+)

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