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Automatically Downloading Printers to Workstations using ZENworks

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By Sassou Boris

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Posted: 18 Jun 2003

If you have not the chance to play with iPrint or NDPS for automagically downloading printers to workstations, you can also try this trick to download printers to workstations with ZENworks and Windows Scripting.

Create a little ZENworks package which integrates this little script for automatically installing a printer to a workstation. This is a Windows script (VBS) for Windows NT/2000.

Once the ZENworks package is created with the correct options (like force the run), you should link it with a group. For example: PrinterColor01Group for people who need to access to the color printer.

The printer will be installed to the user's workstation.

Great isn't it?

The script was found on the Windows Scripting Solutions site. Many thanks to the author.

EXAMPLE: Script for attaching a printer to a worksation

LISTING 1: Script to Connect to a Printer

' Begin callout A
Option Explicit
Dim oNetwork, sPrintPath
' End callout A
' Begin callout B
Set oNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
' End callout B
' Begin callout C
sPrintPath = "\\myprinterserver\myprinter"
' End callout C
' Begin callout D
oNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection sPrintPath
oNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter sPrintPath
' End callout D

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