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Get McAfee Superdat Files without SecureCast

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By Jan van de Voort

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Posted: 4 Mar 2003

I just wanted to share another way of getting superdat files from McAfee, since McAfee does not support SecureCast any more, and you have to get the superdat files yourself.

I created two simple files, one a configuration file and a batch file, which reads the content from the configuration file. Just schedule it on an NT/2000/98 machine with Scheduled Tasks and copy it to a NetWare volume. Of course you can then distribute it to other NetWare servers with things like cron.nlm and toolbox.

Here is the content of the batch file (mcafee.bat):

rem mcafee.bat. A batch file for downloading superdat files from McAfee

rem drive

rem folder
rem This will be the download location
cd c:\transfer

rem remove old superdat files
rem content of yes.txt is simply y, input as answer to the del command
rem of the next line
del c:\transfer\* <c:\winnt\yes.txt

rem get superdat from mcafee
rem see configuration file nai.ftp for details
ftp -i -s:c:\winnt\nai.ftp

rem Copy sdatxx.exe file to fixed file name
xcopy c:\transfer\sdat*.exe c:\transfer\superdat.*

rem Copy superdat file to NetWare server with e.g. t mapping
rem use /b for binary copy, else copy will fail
copy /b superdat.exe t:\transfer\antiviru

rem end of batch file

And here is the content of the nai.ftp file:

cd pub\antivirus\datfiles\4.x
lcd c:\transfer
type binary
mget sdat*.*

If you have any questions you may contact Jan at

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