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How to Tweak ZENworks Imaging with hdparm

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By Raffael Trotta

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Posted: 16 Jul 2003

You might be having a problem adding the "hdparm -d1 -w1 /dev/hda" to the linux.2 from ZfD 4.0. It's only possible to add it to the "settings.txt" -- which only works with ZEN Imaging CDs or Diskettes, but not with the PXE one.

Here's a solution.

  1. Get a Linux Box. If you haven't got one, get Knoppix from, this Linux is bootable from CD without changing a Bit on your Windows-Machine. Also, make sure you have the linux.2 file from SYS:TFTP on a CD-ROM for example.
  2. Start the Linux and copy the "linux.2" from SYS:TFTP to the Linux Box ("/tmp" Directory for example): cp /cdrom/linux.2 /tmp/linux.2
  3. Rename it to "initrd.gz"...command: mv /tmp/linux.2 /tmp/initrd.gz
  4. Unzip it: gunzip /tmp/initrd.gz
  5. Create a Mount Point...for example: mkdir /tmp/linux
  6. Mount the initrd into the Mount-Point: mount -o loop /tmp/initrd /tmp/linux
  7. Edit the /bin/hdparm.s : vi /tmp/linux/bin/hdparm.s
  8. Add the switches "-d1 -w1" to the appropriate line in the script.
  9. Save the changes in the script with wq! if you're using vi
  10. Unmount the linux: umount /tmp/linux
  11. Pack and Compress it again: gzip -v9c /tmp/initrd > /tmp/linux.2
  12. Copy the new linux.2 to your SYS:TFTP Directory and test it!

If you have any questions you may contact Raffael at

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