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Update to Multiple Application Setting Syncer (MASS)

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By Bryan Berns

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Posted: 5 Sep 2003

Bryan Berns

I have released Multiple Application Setting Syncer 2.09. Many useful, new features:

  • Recursively iterates through organization Units if they are part of the selection. Do the entire tree at once!
  • Can search or search/replace through virtually every setting in an application object. Many more options than ConsoleOne.
  • Can set launch/distribution scripts for objects.
  • Can add/update Macros in objects.
  • Checks to ensure only application objects are updated via the Namespace entry.

Other Notes:

The snapin was developed using ZFD 4. However, it should be compatible with all versions above ZEN 2.

MASS now uses some extra libraries to help perform its options. For reference, the classes used are included in the following files which should already exist in your ConsoleOne installation:

  • \lib\zen\nal.jar
  • \lib\zen\ZENCommon.jar
  • \lib\core\NDSNamespace.jar

I have published the source in the Novell Forge at

About MASS

Sometimes it's efficient to ensure application object's setting(s) carry the same value throughout the masses of them. Finding it annoying to traverse the entire 400 applications objects in our tree, I've written a ConsoleOne snapin to do the work for me.

MASS, short for 'Multiple Application Setting Syncer', will apply one or more changes to a selected set of application objects.

The snapin can be found here:

And a brief overview of usage and installation can be found here:

If I receive good feedback, I'll consider including more options in a future release.

Technical Details: This program modifies the App:Flags shema entry in an application object. The long integer can be decoded into a 32-bit mask for which each bit is a setting inside the application. Since some settings such as whether a windows start maximized, minimized, hidden, or normal obviously takes more than one bit. This program formulates two new bit-masks from the options and makes a boolean combination from the current application?s mask and the chosen MASS settings. This way, in non-selected settings in MASS are preserved uniquely for each. Feel free to email me for more information if you are interested. Source code will be available soon on my site.

If you have any questions you may contact Bryan at

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