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By Jim McAllister

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Posted: 20 Aug 2003

Sx3 Infrastructure Services Business is dedicated to evaluating and deploying new technologies. This requires capability, experience, and resources. Many organizations lack one or more of these critical elements. Filling these gaps, or managing the entire project from inception to completion is the role of Sx3 Infrastructure Services Business. The ISB solution combines highly skilled and qualified professionals with proven best practice methodologies developed through real world experience with our many clients. The results are projects that are delivered on-time, within specifications, and most importantly, a solution that aligns IT initiatives with your current and emerging business requirements and objectives.


Our customer purchased three sites from the Unilever group. The existing network topology of these sites consisted of Microsoft NT4 servers delivering applications via Microsoft's SMS to NT4 desktops. With locations throughout Europe on an existing Novell NetWare 5 network, Our Customer faced significant changes during the migration of these sites from a Microsoft to Novell environment.

The organization needed a secure network management solution that would allow its IT staff to remotely deploy a new application set to the recently acquired workstations and allow for centralized network management whilst still providing access to legacy Unilever systems.


As a Novell Consulting Partner, Sx3 leveraged its vast understanding of Novell Net services software to deliver a solution that addressed all of the networking infrastructure needs. The package offered Novell ZENworks for Desktops, Novell eDirectory and NetWare. Novell ZENworks for Desktops was the ideal solution for the organization's application deployment, policy management and remote control needs. Sx3 designed and developed just two images to cover all three of the new sites workstation and laptop computers. Around 700 images were deployed using ZENworks imaging. Before the introduction of ZENworks this would have taken a long time and demanded major resources. Using ZENworks the job was completed in record time.

Novell's eDirectory simplified the network management through remote centralized management. The administration of all users, printers, workstations and applications can be managed from the main UK office via eDirectory. Dynamic local user policies were deployed so users can employ any workstation in the organization to access their personal programs and settings. Information is available anywhere thus enabling optimal response speed and productivity.


Novell Net Services software has helped reduce the customer's infrastructure complexity by consolidating the newly acquired networks into one European wide network. The company's staff are now able to communicate and retrieve personal files and relevant applications from anywhere. Users can connect to the Internet and access personalized workstations anytime. This allows employees to focus on their core tasks without having to worry about IT related obstacles.


Utilizing Novell Net services software has allowed Customers I/T staff to carry out their duties with quite a lot less staff than traditional IT departments. ZENworks for desktops cuts down on the number of desktop visits required. It significantly cuts down maintenance time. It enables remote management, application distribution and application fixing. ZENworks also allows the customer to control the security of their desktop environment in a far more effective manner.

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