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Manage Group Objects without Carpel Tunnel Syndrome using Group It

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By Scott Morris

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Posted: 5 Sep 2003

For administrators who use group memberships for assigning NAL objects, your group management just got a whole lot easier!

With Group It v1.0, you can successfully automate the creation, migration, and management of your group objects. No more carpel-tunnel syndrome from all the mouse clicks ConsoleOne requires to populate a group object.

You can...

  • Use any application object(s) as a source for populating a new group object.
  • Manually build a user list for populating a group object.
  • Use a text file containing user IDs as your source for populating a new group object.
  • use an existing group object or multiple group objects to consolidate into a single group object.
  • Automatically have the users removed from the source group object(s) upon successful assignment to the new group object.

Test drive an evaluation copy from this page today and see what Group It v1.0 can do for you.

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