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Running Multiple EXEs from one App Object

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By Michael McCaffery

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Posted: 2 Oct 2003

This was submitted as part of the Stop Viruses in their Tracks series, and is presented here separately to accommodate its length.

Because of the size of our company, each time we need to push an application or patch, we have to create 50+ App Objects for each OS. If we need to deploy to three OS's we would need to create over 150 App Objects. As you know the more App Objects that are created the greater chance of a syntax error and having the push fail on the WS's. To overcome multiple App objects in each container we came up with the following solution.

Solution: Use the %OS_VERSION% variable.

I did some testing with the latest MS security patch and had good results. Below is what I did to accomplish running multiple exe's from one App Object.

1. Rename the three exe's so they are identical except for the portion that refers to the OS Version.


  • NT (WinHotfix-KB824146-%OS_VERSION%.exe =
  • 2K (WinHotfix-KB824146-%OS_VERSION%.exe =
  • XP (WinHotfix-KB824146-%OS_VERSION%.exe =

2. Set the path to executable portion on the App Object to read WinHotfix-KB824146-%OS_VERSION%.exe. This will make it run each individual exe.

3. To control the deployment of the patch we had it look for the following.

  • Reg key:
  • File Existence: System32\RPCSS.dll

We made the App Objects as modular as possible so it can be used for future patches. This really helped in speeding up the amount of time to make the deployment.

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