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Channel Success: Heritage Oaks Bank gets Rapid ZEN Deployment

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Posted: 7 Nov 2003

Heritage Oaks Bank is the second largest community bank on California's Central Coast. Heritage Oaks opened its doors for business in January of 1983. In 1994 they opened their second branch and over the next nine years embarked upon a growth track that put them in the position that they're in today. They currently have nine locations and are well on their way to realizing their vision of becoming a billion-dollar bank by 2010.

In achieving their aggressive growth goals, Heritage Oaks experienced the typical pains associated with such an undertaking. Priority was given to infrastructure expansion to support their growing WAN environment, while tasks like desktop upgrades were left for future projects. By the end of 2002 the Bank had begun to realize that their Windows 98 desktop operating systems were lacking in security, fault tolerance and manageability. The decision was made to migrate the approximately 500 desktops to Windows XP.

Heritage Oaks Bank recruited the services of Novacoast, Inc., a Novell platinum partner based in Santa Barbara, California. Novacoast, who was recognized as Novell's North American Partner of the Year for 2002, had come up with a unique ZENWorks deployment methodology call ZENworks Rapid Deployment or ZenRD.

Novacoast uses its ZenRD methodology to deploy every feature of the product; remote desktop management, inventory, workstation imaging, user/workstation policies, and application management, to its clients in a very short amount of time. Novacoast also utilizes its methodology for creating a "universal image" which enables organizations to use ZENworks imaging technology to create a single Windows XP image that will work on all of their various desktop hardware platforms. Using the universal image saves organizations hundreds if not thousands of man-hours in desktop OS upgrades from Windows 98 to Windows XP, not to mention that clients no longer have to go "Ghost Hunting" to try and find an image that works on a particular brand and model of PC.

The "rapid" part of ZenRD allows Novacoast to deploy the entire feature set of ZENworks for desktops, including packaging every application that the customer has to deploy, in typically less than five weeks, including training! Novacoast has developed this methodology around Novell's desktop management suite simply because ZENworks for Desktops is the best of breed in its market segment.

So, with ZENworks for Desktops in place and a migration strategy in hand, Heritage Oaks Bank is well under way in their desktop OS migration project. Not only are their desktops being migrated to a more supported environment, but it is being done in a manner that allows them to be managed, securely locked down with desktop and user policies, inventoried, and provided with self-healing applications that can be repaired by even the most novice end-user. The end result is an environment in which PCs are disposable units. Technicians no longer spend hours troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues. They can now be dispatched to a branch with a replacement PC in hand. If the problem takes more than ten minutes to identify, the technician can simply replace the PC, download the standard image, login the user and step back as all of the applications are redeployed and the user's data is mapped back to their network drives. The end user has a new PC and, with the help of roaming profiles, they have their familiar desktop including the wallpaper.

With Novell and Novacoast at their side, Heritage Oaks Bank will continue to leverage leading-edge technology to stay one step ahead of their competitors. They will continue to deploy leading-edge, best of breed technology, such as ZENworks for Desktops to grow their business but keep costs and desktops under control.

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