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Streamlining your App Objects

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By William Phillips

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Posted: 13 Nov 2003

Here's how to streamline the number of files distributed to users in ZENworks application distribution.

EXAMPLE: What we found was that signature updates to the anti-virus software were being captured in the snAppShot, making the distribution process much longer than was necessary.

SOLUTION: Start with a clean machine and launch a custom session of snAppShot. Let snAppShot scan the machine and then launch the setup program for the application you are installing. Then let snAppShot scan the machine after installation.

Now, BEFORE creating the ZENworks application object have a look through the fildef.txt for files that are not relevant to the application being installed. For instance, if a reboot is needed after the install, some of the NetWare client files will be captured in the snAppShot, as could Internet Explorer temporary files, etc.

Once you are happy that all these irrelevant files are removed from the filedef.txt file, go to NWAdmin or ConsoleOne and create your application!

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