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Distributing Lotus Notes 4,5,6

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By Jon Baldwin

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Posted: 20 Nov 2003

Lotus presents two problems for mass-usage:

1. The and names.nsf files are user-specific.

2. Until v6, a user could only log into one machine. Even with 6, it's lousy.

I solved these two problems as simply as I could.

First, I moved the and names.nsf files to a folder in the users' home directories. (I used N:\lotus\)

Next, I created a new names.nsf file using a text editor, and put in the text file the path to the "real" names.nsf file. It simply contains one line of text - n:\lotus\names.nsf

Now that my workstation (and Notes) is all setup, I run snapshot and distribute the new app.

As long as the user has his/her names.nsf and files in n:\lotus, Notes will run super-smooth. And because the files are in a central location, the user can log into any workstation and get to their Notes account. NO TOUCHING EACH WORKSTATION! Isn't that what ZEN is all about?

P.S. This is kind of hard to explain, but very easy to do. If anyone needs a quick run-through, just email me.

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