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ZEN INTEGRATED HELPDESK - Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting for Help Desk Tickets

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Posted: 20 Nov 2003

ZENworks is to I.T. professionals as chocolate is to a connoisseur - - there's no limit to the great varieties and combinations. Here is one such powerful combination: ZENworks data tied with powerful help desk tools. Read on to learn about web-based Linux or NetWare 6.5 options, and how to get much more than the sum of the parts.

GroupLink? has announced the release of their browser-based, Linux/NetWare enabled HelpDesk with ZENWorks data integration. Now, when a HelpDesk ticket is submitted, technicians can choose to view ZENworks information about a particular workstation as they resolve the ticket. This enables both remote troubleshooting and the maintenance of a record of problem machines.

The automated HelpDesk application enables you to take advantage of the ZENworks data, and to increase user satisfaction while simultaneously streamlining your service and support operations. It's web-based, facilitating self-service anytime-access using a web browser-no plug-ins required. This could be the additional tool you need to transform your I.T. group into a proactive service organization.

Also, the HelpDesk self-service module lets you create an online support channel for your users, allowing them to search a knowledge base, track previous communications, and submit new inquiries.

To schedule a demonstration of this software, or to download a PDF file about this powerful new solution, go here.

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