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Deploying NDPS/iPrint Printers using NAL

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By Matt Osburn

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Posted: 9 Jan 2004

When I work with large numbers of NDPS printers and workstations, I don't like to use an iPrint Printer Policy to deploy these printers. The policy doesn't always work, and I need a way to workstation associate NDPS/iPrint printers for deployment--while not requiring user intervention.

SOLUTION: This solution uses ZENworks NAL and is GREAT!

  • First, it assumes that the iPrint client ver. 1.10 has been installed on the workstation. (The NAL I created looks for the C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\iprntcmd.exe for verification. (This may be deployed via NAL as well)
  • Second, you need to know the NDPS PA Names.

The example below shows an AXT extract of an "iPrint Printer Template.AXT" NAL. This NAL has two macros: NDPS_PA_NAME=(Exact PA Name) and SERVER_NAME=(DNS Name of NDPS server, ie. NDPSSERVER.COM)

The NAL is set to ForceRun (Run Always) upon user login.

When the NAL is run, it calls the iPrntCmd.EXE iPrint Command Line utility to automatically pull down the NDPS Printer listed in the MACRO.

The NAL can be workstation associated either directly to workstations, or workstation groups!

Furthermore, if you have to delete and recreate an NDPS PA, as long as the PA name is the same--you don't have to reassociate anything!

I was able to replicate this to 260 NDPS PA's in about two hours by myself and now we have full NDPS printers associated to workstations!


iPrint Template That May Be Workstation Associated

;[Application Name]
;Value=iPrint Printer Template
;[Application Caption]
;Value=iPrint Printer Template
;[Application Admin Notes]
;[Application Description]
;[Application Path]
;[Application Flags]
;Flag=Not a Disconnectable Application
;Flag=**Unknown** 536870912 (20000000)
;[Application Parameters]
;Value=http://%SERVER_NAME%:631/ipp/%NDPS_PA_NAME% /ADD
;[Application Platform]
;Flag=Windows NT
;[Filter File Exists]
;Flag=Show Always
;[Filter OS Version]
;Type=Windows NT
;Major Version=-1
;Minor Version=-1
;Revision Version=-1
;Flag=Greater Than or Equal
;[Application Icon Order]
;[Application Association Flags]
;Flag=Force Run

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