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ENGL Zim 3.0

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By Heath Upton

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Posted: 23 Jan 2004

ENGL Zim 3.0 is the latest version of ENGL's enhancement tool for ZENworks for Desktops imaging. As with previous versions, Zim 3.0 is fully customisable, scriptable and includes the following features:

  • Built in script language
  • Integrates with the local ZENworks partition, PXE and CDROM/DVD
  • Replaces the standard ZENworks menus
  • Display popup windows, banners, edit boxes, list boxes and countdown dialogs
  • Display multi-level menus with password protection
  • Linux command execution (optionally hide output), i.e. ZENworks img
  • Perform read/write operations on INI files
  • Perform read/write operations on ZENworks Image-safe Data attributes
  • Get network details (IP, subnet, broadcast and MAC address)
  • Script Wizard

New features:

  • LDAP contextless login
  • Restrict menus and menu items based on LDAP filters
  • Display listbox containing LDAP search results, i.e. Workstation objects
  • Perform read/write operations on LDAP attributes
  • Check LDAP group membership
  • Extract and run Workstation Image Object Advanced Image Scripts
  • Retrieve DMI information, i.e. Manufacturer, Product Name, Serial Number, etc.

LDAP Contextless Login

The ZENworks imaging environment can be completely locked down using Zim's secure LDAP functionality. A contextless login box can be displayed with a configurable context, search order and depth.


Restricting Imaging Menus with Group Membership

When LDAP search filters are added to the menu definitions, Zim will determine whether the current authenticated user is permitted to view the menu items. In this example, access to the Maintenance Menu and BASH prompt has been restricted to members of the 'grpAdmins' user group and the 'admin' user.


Automatic Image Selection Using DMI

Using Zim's DMI capabilities, hardware specific ZENworks images can be restored automatically without user input.

In the following example, an INI lookup file contains a list of machine vendors, models and images. The zim.cfg reads the machine's BIOS and retrieves DMI information including the machine's manufacturer (vendor), product type (model) and serial number. Using this information in conjunction with the lookup file, Zim restores the correct hardware specific add-on image.

It is also possible to embed the lookup INI file and zim.cfg script within an Advanced Image Script in a Workstation Image object. This means that you only need one Workstation Image Object for remote imaging of every type of machine and you don't need to use ZENworks image rules.




ENGL Zim 3.0 enhances ZENworks for Desktops imaging by simplifying selection, creation and restoration of images by leveraging eDirectory and DMI hardware discovery. Zim is more than a menu system and can secure the imaging environment and hide complex imaging tasks. For additional information, see

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