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ADM Files Help Set Up User Policies

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By Steven DeLand

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Posted: 13 Feb 2004

Using ZfD 3.2 I have found setting up the user policies have been very time consuming, especially checking and unchecking the boxes for the Win 98 policies. Also I don't like to use group policies for XP because I can't edit them using ConsoleOne. I don't like the dull point of management.

SOLUTION: I have written some ADM files that have saved me many hours of configuration when setting up user policies. I have a set for XP and 98 that clears by default all the policies (check boxes) for my staff users. The other set is for my student user policies for XP and 98. These polices are checked by default, saving me the time of doing it manually.

Note: the ADM's for the XP computers are writen for XP and 2000.

If you would like to try them you can download them from

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