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Getting IP Address Details via an App Object: Part 2

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By Thore Andersson

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Posted: 27 Feb 2004

Regarding my tip for "Getting IP Address Details via an App Object." Sorry if I did not explain clearly enough. This is how you should do it (we have used it for a couple of years):

  1. Create a simple application.
  2. Select "Distribute always" under "Distribution Options" > "Options".
  3. Under "Distribution Options" > "Text Files" select "Add" > "File". Type in a file name in a server folder that your users have mapped a drive to, and have [All but SA] rights to. Example "I:\Logg\MacKoll2.txt".
    1. Select the file you have just typed in (in my example "I:\Logg\MacKoll2.txt") and select "Add" > "Change".
    2. In the dialog box select Modification: "Add text to the file" and Add text to: "End of the file".

  4. Make sure "Install only" is selected under "Run Options" > "Application".
  5. Associate the application with a User Group, make sure "Force Run" is selected.

Every time the application is run a new line is added to the log file.

Example of I:\Logg\MacKoll2.txt:

DAC62CD6-XP.It.ADM.KS.UDDEVALLA,(,Windows_NT V5.01),Tho,It.ADM.KS.UDDEVALLA,(Thore Andersson IT-avdelningen Administrationen),2004-02-24,09:02 02951BDE-XP.ZENworks4.SYSTEM.UDDEVALLA,(,Windows_NT V5.01),Tho,It.ADM.KS.UDDEVALLA,(Thore Andersson IT-avdelningen Administrationen),2004-02-24,09:04 DAC62CD6-XP.It.ADM.KS.UDDEVALLA,(,Windows_NT V5.01),Tho,It.ADM.KS.UDDEVALLA,(Thore Andersson IT-avdelningen Administrationen),2004-02-24,09:06

For those who don't like to type, I have attached an AXT file you can use.

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