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Using ZENworks to Edit an INI File

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By Justin Birt

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Posted: 18 Mar 2004

PROBLEM: The data for a client server application had to be migrated to a different fileserver as part of a consolidation project.

The data transfer and modification to the login scripts to accommodate the change presented no problems. However, buried in an INI file on each client workstation was a reference to the original application as a UNC. This required editing to ensure the client pointed to the correct data location.

SOLUTION: Once again ZENworks saves the day.

A simple application object was created. In the Distribution Options > Text files tab, the path to the INI file was specified.

This was configured to search for the line that referred to the original data source by UNC and replaced it with the new data location path.

The application object was flagged as Run Once and set to Force Run and set for silent running.

On the cutover day when users logged in, the ZENworks application corrected the INI file without anyone knowing anything about it.

Brownie points all round!

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