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Deploying iPrint Printers to Restricted Machines

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By Ryan Kelly

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Posted: 18 Mar 2004

PROBLEM: Deploying iPrint printers to pre ZFD4 machines that have very tight restrictions on internet and system rights.

SOLUTION: After exhausting every resource I could, I finally took a chance and tried adding a Scheduled task to a Workstation Package. This is set to run at user login and calls the C:\windows\system\iprntcmd.exe file to add an iPrint printer.

Within the task I specified the path to the exe and the parameters that are needed to add the printer to the workstation. This is the basic command line parameters that the iprntcmd.exe can use. When a user logs in the task runs, adding the printer to the workstation. It can be tweaked to run once or run every time a user logs in to check and see if the printer is still installed.

This is very helpful in my situation due to the fact that many of our users (students) have the internet blocked and are unable to add printers due to system policies. I hope this tip helps other school admins that have the same circumstances.

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