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Change the File Rights for App Objects using Volume Changer

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By Robert Stout

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Posted: 1 Apr 2004

Here's a nice new free tool that changes the volumes in the "File Rights" for app objects.

This program will allow you to replace application object "File Rights" attribute based on the apps' current "File Rights" attribute. You simply browse for the volume to be replaced and then the new volume. Select the apps you want to be updated and you are done.


Note: Make sure you are logged in with the proper rights to perform the changes. This app will not add rights to the directories. The app volume must be the same path on the new server as the old server.

  1. Start the application and make sure you are in the right tree.
  2. Browse for the context that you want to search for apps that need the "File Rights" changed.
  3. Check the ?Search Subcontainers? box if you have apps in different contexts that need the same "File Rights".
  4. Browse for the volume that you are moving FROM.
  5. Browse for the volume that you are moving TO.
  6. Click ?List Apps?.
  7. Select the apps in the list that you want changed. Note: Use the standard Windows select buttons.
  8. Click ?Replace? to change the "File Rights".
  9. When it has finished click "Done" and review the log file and you are done.


Download from here in the Free Tools area.

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