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How to run ZfD4 Inventory on an Oracle 9i Database

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By Mike Mason

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Posted: 5 May 2004

Novell says it cannot be done but...we have been running ZfD 4.0.1 (clustered) with an Oracle 9i inventory database on Linux for about 6 months now. Shhh...don't tell support or they may not answer our phone calls any more.

Here's how to do it.

Your DBA will have to do a little bit of work (steps 1-5) to get the 9i schema created. This is the method we used since we don't have much depth in Oracle. Hopefully some Oracle Gurus out there can come up with a better solution for this part.

  1. Create a temporary Oracle 8i DB on a Windows box.
  2. Create the ZfD4 WS inventory DB instance on the Oracle 8i box by following Novell documentation.
  3. Configure the ZfD DB listener to talk to the temporary Oracle 8i DB and start the ZfD inventory service to make sure that it connects successfully to the DB.
  4. Export the table space from the Oracle 8i DB and import it into the Oracle 9i DB.
  5. Start the DB instance and modify the ZENworks Inventory Server to point to the Oracle 9i server.
  6. Make a backup copy of the file ZENworks\Inv\server\WmInv\lib\ZENInvServer.jar
  7. Open ZENworks\Inv\server\WmInv\lib\ZENInvServer.jar with WinZip
  8. Right-click the file (in WinZip) and "Open With" Notepad.
  9. Replace the line "BaseVersion_oracle=" with "BaseVersion_oracle="
  10. Close the Notepad window and click Yes to save.
  11. Click Yes to update the WinZip archive with the changed file.
  12. Close WinZip and start the ZENworks Inventory Service.
  13. Keep a close eye on the ZENworks Inventory Service screen during startup and the first few inventory scans for any errors.

We had some problems with a few triggers that had to be cleaned up, but it could have been all of the messing around we were doing that caused it.

If you have any questions you may contact Mike at

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