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Workaround if NICI Fails to Set Current Tree Name

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By Larry Bernstone

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Posted: 12 May 2004

Here's a fix for those of you who use DLU and get the "Failed to set current tree name" errors in ConsoleOne.

This problem occurs because DLU changes your SID every time you log in. The files in %windir%\novell\nici are owned and can only be accessed by the original GUID that built them. SubInACL will change the owner of the files to the current user.

NOTE: This will only work for users that are DLU'd as part of the administrators group, since they won't have rights to take ownership otherwise.

Download SubInACL.exe from Microsoft. Put subinacl.exe and nicintacl.exe in a directory and build the following batch file (I call mine nicifix.bat) in this directory.

rem nicifix.bat
subinacl /subdirec %windir%\system32\novell\nici\%username% /setowner=%userdomain%\%username%
nicintacl %windir%\system32\novell\nici\%username%

Now make a shortcut to this batch in your startup folder. Make sure the working directory is where you put your executables.

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