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Force the NIC to your Speed Settings Without Modifying the Imaging Environment

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By Thorsten Mick

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Posted: 9 Jun 2004

In some cases we must change the speed and settings like duplex from a NIC. Here is a solution to do this dynamically with a Workstation Image Object.

Add the Sample Code to your Image Object.

In the example we work with the Intel EtherExpress Pro100 Card(eepro100). Change this to fit your requirements.

Some examples for other cards:

  • insmod -f $MODPATH/net/e100.o e100_speed_duplex=4
  • insmod -f $MODPATH/net/3c90x.o full_duplex=1 media_select=4

Tested with ZENworks 4.01 SP1b.


# Force the NIC to 100/MBit full duplex
# Example for Intel EtherExpress Pro100
ifconfig $NETDEVICE down
rmmod eepro100
insmod -f $MODPATH/net/eepro100.o options=0x30

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