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Keeping Students from Browsing Backwards from an App Object

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By Matt Colwell

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Posted: 9 Jun 2004

We use NAL as our shell (see Replacing Windows Explorer shell with NAL (for XP and Win 9.x)) - and we want our students to manage their files with an Explorer-like interface, but we don't want them poking around on the local hard drive, or playing around on other network drives.

This solution details how to create an app object for a home directory. It has been developed using ZFD 4X and WinXP, but may work under other OSes. It can be adjusted to work for any other directory you wish (with a little work).

Create an app object. Set its name to whatever you wish (I used Home Directory as the name). Set the path to file to %windir%\explorer.exe. Set requirements and associations up however desired.

After creating the object, open it and go to the Run Options tab and place /e,/root,%HOME_DIRECTORY% in the Parameters field.

If setup and associated correctly, when NALDESK or NALWIN32 runs it will display an icon for the user's home directory. When you launch it, it will not let you browse backwards through the directory tree.

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