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Pushing a Folder Shortcut Out to Workstations

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By Owen Zorge

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Posted: 9 Jun 2004

We needed to push a folder shortcut out to a bunch of workstations. ZEN for Desktops was the obvious answer but there was no specific option for this when creating an application object. We also tried to use the directory location in the "Path to file" option in the app object. Neither of these options worked.


We were able to do exactly what we wanted by creating a simple application object that would run explorer.exe. Then using the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 152457, we used the "Parameters" field on the app object to open an explorer window to the specific folder.

Here's how you do it.

  1. Create a new application object and select "A simple application (no .AOT/.AXT/.MSI file)."
  2. Fill in the "Object Name" field.
  3. In the "Path to file:" field, enter "explorer.exe" (or just "explorer").
  4. Add additional requirements if necessary.
  5. Add user and workstation associations as necessary.
  6. Finish the creation of the Application Object.
  7. Open the new Application Object and select the Run Options - Application tab.
  8. Insert parameters (command-line options as MS calls them, MS KB article #152457) for explorer.exe. We used:

    /root, I:\SharedFolder\SpecificFolder

    You don't need to enter anything in the "Working Directory" field.
  9. Click OK and refresh Application Explorer on the associated user workstation. You're done!

This will open an explorer window to that specific location without any files selected. You can use mapped drive letters or a UNC path (\\server\volume\folder).

Other parameters (command-line options) per the MS KB article are:

  • /select,C:\TestDir\TestApp.exe
    Opens a window view with TestApp selected.
  • /e,/root,C:\TestDir\TestApp.exe
    This opens Explorer with C: expanded and TestApp selected.
  • /root,\\TestSvr\TestShare,select,TestApp.exe
    Opens a window view of the specified share with TestApp selected.

See Microsoft Knowledge Base article 152457 for more details and information.

If you have any questions you may contact Owen at

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