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Copying Locked Files without the Extra Baggage

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By Jim Koerner

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Posted: 16 Jun 2004

When you try to copy a locked file via ZENworks distribution, it gets copied but the hidden, system, and read-only attributes are added to the file. This is kind of explained in this TID.

(Must have been a change in ZENworks 4 because we didn't run into this problem before upgrading.)

I run into this problem mostly with MS Access database files that are in use on the server, which I want to transfer to portables so people have the info on the road.

SOLUTION: To get around it I added a distribution script using %*WINSYSDIR%\CMD.EXE /C as the engine. In the 'Run after Distribution' script I add 'attrib -S -H -R [the file path and name]' for each file distributed that has this problem.

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