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Updating McAfee Superdat Files

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By Michael Birkemose

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Posted: 5 Jul 2004

PROBLEM: When you want to update your mcafee superdat files on workstations, you have to download the latest superdat.exe from mcafee website and rename the file to setup.exe.

With my solution you just have to power on a Windows workstation and login to a Novell server, nothing more. Here's how you do it.

With ZENworks for Desktops and the two files, update.bat and settings.txt, you can update your workstations with the latest sdat*.exe from ftp site.

  1. Create a user, call him vira, and a userpackage for the user vira.
    Note: Vira should not be a member of any user group
  2. Make the userpackage execute the update.bat every time you want.
  3. Make a directory on the server where you will place the file update.bat and settings.txt
    • The sdat*.exe will be saved in this directory
    • The sdat*.exe file will be given the name setup.exe
    • The old sdat*.exe file will be deleted.
  4. Make a userpackage for the group everyone in ZENworks for Desktops.
  5. Use the command: /server/volume/directory/setup.exe /silent /f
    Note: the userpackage for everyone must be active on user login or by the time you select to update.
  6. You can also use a workstation package or a login script.

What will Happen

The workstation get the latest sdat*.exe when the users login or you can make the userpackage deliver the latest sdat*.exe at any time you want.


@echo off
REM Delete old sdat*.exe file.
del *.exe /Q 
REM Download the latest sdat*.exe file from FTP site.
ftp -s:settings.txt
rem give the file the name setup.exe
FOR %%M IN (*.exe) DO COPY %%M setup.exe

rem copy setup.exe to the update directory
del L:\antivira\setup.exe /q
copy setup.exe L:\antivira 

cd /pub/antivirus/datfiles/4.x/
prompt n
mget sdat*.* 

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