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Speeding up Windows XP User Profiles

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By Steven Turnbull

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Posted: 11 Aug 2004

PROBLEM: Windows XP user Profiles either corrupt on logout, due to network issues (ie saving the profile to the user's home drive) or take lengthy periods to save/ load the hundreds of 1Kb files to/ from the server. (Especially if your users use Macromedia Products.)

SOLUTION: Create a new ZENworks user policy and direct the roaming profile to the local disk. This of course means the profile doesn't roam, but this wasn't an issue for us due to everyone having their own pc. The important thing was that they still had a dynamically created local user account that kept all their settings but didn't have the waiting times, that we had with the profile downloads.

EXAMPLE: Make a new User policy for the operating system you are using. Under the "Windows Desktop Preferences" section of the policy "Store profile in network directory location". Make the location someting like "C:\Windows User Profile".

This works like a charm.

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