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Giving Mapped Drives to XP (Un)Secure System Users

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By Mike Henderson

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Posted: 26 Aug 2004

I have not seen this documented anywhere.

As you know, XP (Un)Secure System User differs from Win2K (Un)Secure System User. With an (Un)Secure System User on XP, the user environment is NOT available to the System so you cannot run (Un)Secure System by using a mapped drive.

This was starting to be a problem since any new PC we buy we install XP.

Here is what we do:

  1. In the Run option and path to file use UNC (\\server\vol\folder\app.exe) (This will run in the system environment).
  2. If the user is not already getting a mapped drive and has rights to the app path from Step 1, then you need to add it (this will run in the user environment).
  3. Give the Workstation the appropriate rights to the folder from Step 1 (full rights in our case) (system environment again).
  4. Test the app.

Now we do not need to give the user full rights to the PC AND this works with our existing Win2k PCs.

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