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Saving a ZENworks Image to a USB Device

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By Jeremy Cassidy

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Posted: 31 Aug 2004

Pre-Imaging tip: An image file (.ZMG) can be saved on a USB hard- disk. Here is how you do it.

Imaging to USB Procedure

Plug in USB device then:

  1. Boot off imaging CD.
  2. When you get the "BOOT:" prompt, type "MANUAL" <ENTER>
  3. When you get the "BASH#" prompt, type "MKDIR /MNT/USB" <ENTER>
    • SDA1 is for First Primary Partition
    • SDA2 is for Second Primary Partition
    • SDA3 is for Third Primary Partition
    • SDA4 is for Fourth Primary Partition
    • SDA5 is for First Logical Partition
    • SDA6 is for Second Logical Partition
    • SDA7 is for Third Logical Partition
    • SDA8 is for Fourth Logical Partition
  5. Type "LS /MNT/USB" <ENTER> (This will provide a directory of the drive to make sure you are connected to the correct drive.)
    *** If you are not connected to the correct drive then you can type UMOUNT /MNT/USB <ENTER> to unmount the drive, then go back to Step 5.
  6. Type "IMG" <ENTER>
  7. Select "Restore an Image" <ENTER>
  8. Select "Local Image" <ENTER>
  9. File name if the full LINUX path to the saved image, and will follow a syntax similar to /MNT/USB/ZEN/IMAGES/YOURIMAGE.ZMG
  10. No Advanced Parameters are required (leave blank)
  11. Once all entries are filled in, move to the "OK" button, and press <ENTER>
  12. When you get to 100% and get the "BASH#" prompt, remove the CD, and type "REBOOT" <ENTER> to restart with Workstation / Laptop.
Note: If you are putting an image on USB, follow the same steps, but instead of Restore, you choose Create an Image.

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