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Making a Bootable Image DVD

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By John Yarman

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Posted: 9 Sep 2004

If you are trying to use ZENworks imaging but your image is too big for a CD, here's a method of making an image bootable on a DVD.

It is possible to image from a DVD but Novell does not support it. I had tried this with no success until recently. What I was originally trying to do was use the standard ZEN imaging boot CD to get Linux loaded, then I would change to a DVD with the image that I wanted to use. I had created the DVD by dropping the image file onto the DVD and burning it using something like Roxio or the like. Whenever I tried to do this, the file size on the DVD was not correct. For example a 1.3GB image would only show up as 35MB. If I tried to image from this file the process would stop after a few seconds.

Here is what finally worked. I had to take the boot.iso file that the ZEN CDs are created from and add the image file into the ISO. Then I took the new large ISO file that included my image and burnt it directly to a DVD. This creates a bootable ZEN imaging DVD with a copy of your image on it. Enter Manual at the first menu, then when you get the bash# prompt enter cdrom.s to mount the DVD. Doing it this way the image file now has the correct size and the image process finishes successfully.

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