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Creating Application Images From Application Objects

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By David Hamer

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Posted: 16 Sep 2004

An application image is created from an existing application object. It is important, however, that before this is done any problems with the object are rectified, otherwise this process will not work. Be sure to follow the instructions for creating application objects to the letter before attempting this process. (For information on verifying app objects, see this section of the documentation.)

  1. From Console One, open up an application object, and select the COMMON/IMAGING tab.
  2. In the location field, enter the location with the .zmg extension. These files can be quite large, but an indication is given of disk space.
  3. Ensure that FORCE RUN is ticked.
  4. Click on the Create Image button, and the application will be converted into a ZMG file.
  5. Once the process has finished creating the .zmg file, it is possible to attach this to a workstation image. Go to the properties of a workstation image object.
  6. From here you can attach Add On Image Files (.zmg) which will be sent to the workstation during the imaging process. In the above example, Office.zmg will be sent to the workstation on imaging.

The above process simply ensures that the application files exist in the NALCACHE directory of the newly imaged PC. To actually have the Workstation install the application, you must have the original application object associated with the workstation images, and set to FORCE RUN.

When booted up after being imaged, the workstation will install any associated applications, from its NALCACHE directory.

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