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Forcing Workstation Manager to see IP changes

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By Aaron J Brehm

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Posted: 6 Oct 2004

I work in the University of Dayton's IT department for Teacher Support. (Novell published a "Lead Story: Solutions at Work" article about UD in August of 2004.)

We have experienced an issue where ConsoleOne will lose contact with a remote machine if the remote machine's IP Address changed. The problem is the Workstation Manager (WM.exe) does not update the object in ConsoleOne if the computer's IP changes. According to Novell Help Documentation the workstation manager only updates the console's object if

1) ?The Workstation Manager program starts?
2) ?A user logs in to the tree?
3) ?A Windows 2000/XP user logs out?.


In order to update the object's information, a user can restart Workstation Manger Service which meets the first condition of this service, ?The Workstation Manager program starts?. As a result, the object's information (including the IP Address) is updated. Once this simple action has occurred, the remote computer can be successfully remote-controlled into with its new IP Address.

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