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Importing Workstations into ZENworks

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By Travis Stroebele

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Posted: 10 Nov 2004

Having problems with importing workstations into ZENworks? Here's an easy way to import workstations into ZENworks and login script for hosts file replacement.

All workstations that you would like to be imported have to have the ability to talk with the ZENworks Importing Service. This can be done by using DNS or by editing the hosts file on the desktops. If you are using DNS just make sure that zenwsimport is pointing to the IP address of your ZENworks server. If you don't handle it through DNS then you have to make an entry in the hosts file on the local machines.

On Windows XP - C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
On Windows 95/98 - C:\WINDOWS\hosts

You can open the hosts file with notepad and add an entry for zenwsimport and enter the IP address of your ZENworks Server that the zenwsimport service is running on. There is an easier way of doing this, By automating this process you can change the hosts file on each machine by creating a share on a server and placing the updated hosts file in that folder. Now you can choose to replace the hosts file with a login script like this:

copy \\servername\sharename\HOSTS /A %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS /A /Y

Where \\servername is your server you created the share and \\sharename is the folder the new hosts file is sitting in. \HOSTS is just the hosts file in that folder that will be copyed down to local workstations. Now the local workstations will have the updated hosts file that communicates with the zenwsimport service and your workstation will now be able to import into ZENworks. I hope this helps.

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